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Sugar Plum Danced, 2011


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Selected Paintings and Drawings 2015 to Present

Europa  Charcoal drawing 18x24
                                                    Paris Opera  Charcoal drawing 18x24

                  Spring(Lord and Shryver Cherry Trees at Bush House) Oil 36x48 Private Collection     
                                     Salem Solstice Oil on canvas 36x48 Private Collection
                                     Salem Fall Acrylic on Canvas 36x48 Private Collection
                                           Sydney Oil on Canvas 32x66 Private Collection
                                                 Salmon Run Acrylic on Canvas 36x48
                                               Leonardo da Dogio Monoprint 3x5inches
                                                        Divers(e) Oil on Canvas 36x48
                                   Spirit of the Land Monoprint 3x5inches Private Collection
Trailside Waterfall, Silver Creek Park, 2008
Silver Falls Salmonberries, 2008